You might be wondering, why would my business need or benefit from social media marketing? Well, here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Connect directly with customers and prospects
  2. Create, test, and track targeted ads
  3. Effective brand recognition and awareness
  4. Enhanced brand authority and thought leadership
  5. Generate higher converting leads

How can your small business grow with social media? Breaking it down, social media is all about content and relationships. When you create valuable content and build personal relationships with people, your business wins. This is probably the same formula you used to build your business initially and the same principals apply to social media.

The focus for any business just starting out on social media should be the growth of organic reach by creating consistent quality content. It’s true that social platforms have great tools for businesses who want to create paid advertising, but it’s not the only way to increase reach and generate leads. Some of the best strategies are also the most cost effective but take time, effort, and patience.

One way we’ve been helping our clients reach and connect to their ideal communities is through Facebook Groups. FB groups are more like a community hangout than anything else. It’s time-consuming, but finding the right group and providing value will position your business as the industry leader to those in the group in a non-salesy way.

Now if you have an advertising budget there’s no better place to spend than with paid social advertising. The ability to target, re-target, and receive valuable insights is better than any other medium. The main thing to understand is that great content is necessary for successful ad campaigns, but paid ads are not a requirement for engagement on your organic content reach.

The trade-off between paid and non-paid social efforts is time and money. If you think paid advertising is the only way to grow on social media as a business then you’re not willing to spend the time to do the things necessary for growth. Ad’s take time and to see the most success you’ll need to concentrate on things like wording (copyright), targeting/re-targeting, and audience. Ideally, you’ll test and retest several versions of an ad to find the best performing.

Regardless of the platform, your business needs to be where you have the attention of your customers. Content can be created then optimized for each platform. For our clients, the best platform is the one where they’re goals will be best met, which can and will change over time. For many small businesses, Facebook has incredible reach and organic sharing, but so does Instagram, and LinkedIn if you’re a B2B business.

There’s no shortage of strategies for potential growth within social media, but proven time and again is the opportunity with organic reach. While other strategies might work short term and become saturated over time, what will always work is content and relationships.